“De Rode Bulck”
Father is Brother to “Kittel”
1 Nat. ace kbdb.


Granddaughter “Kittel”
1 Nat esdue KBDB 2013


“Mirko 313”
Our base breeder
Son Old base cock “Maestro”


“Rode Bulck 2”
“Indbreed Goede Rode” 


“Bulck 1”
Inbreed base couple


Famous bird, 
1,2,3,4 section, and 4xtop 11 semi-national


Fullsister “Mother Venus”
Org. Lambrechts


“Marble 1”
100 % Bulck
Bred from Rode Bulck x Bulck 1


Daughter of “Diablo” at W & F Ebben
1 NPO Morlincourt 16.971 birds



Fullsister “Romy”
1 nat. ace. pipa rank


Great hen from
“Mirko 313”


“Merlin 156”
Son “Mirko 313”
Topracer and breeder

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