Welcome  we are the family Skovbo.

We are racing pigeons in Denmark as a family hobby, and trying to advertise the sport in the best possible way here in our country And in the world.
The family is Christina(the Mother 32 years old) Liv(3 years old) Magnus (6 years old) Christian (10 years old) and Mark( the father 34 years old) to advertise the sport, we have a facebook page, please visiti want too :-). the idea of making such a facebook page, was to let “normal” people to get a view on what pigeon racing and keeping is, and how fascinating our beloved sport can be.
https://www.facebook.com/skovboduer/ there is alot of photos from our daily routines etc.

As a profession i am working as a pigeon photographer and in the lofts at Danish champion Anders Brøbech, but also with a webshop, selling children clothes please visit the website here if it could have your interest. https://outfitters8-18.dk/ 

Besides that, we will like to show our own birds, a family i have worked with since my start in the sport back in 1999, the base originates back to “Uno” (Verstraete) and to make our family as fast as possible, we bred hens of todays fastests lines into our family.
At the moment this is mostly birds of  Wouwer, Casaer-Senechal, Will & Falco Ebben, Stabel and Son, Van Den Bulck origin.
But also our old Verstrate henline is still fast enough to produce winners and ace pigeons.

My number one goal with this hobby, is to make my family the fastest on earth, will I succeed? probably not 🙂 but I will try and the breeding of pigeons is what I love the most, racing is second for me no doubt about that, but learning how genes is working is of great interest to me.

In 2015 a hen from us became 2 Nat. ace small middle distance (raced in another loft) and in the winter 2016 she was sold to Xavier Verstraete, she raced 12x1 club. and is already mother to 1x1 and 1x2. She is a cousin to our own base breeder of today “Maestro 43”

Besides that, we have had several ace pigeons, section winners and in 2015 we won the small middle distance championship in the section, we have also had alot of top 5 positions to different championships since the start in 1999.

Spring day of 2016, out training the widow cocks 🙂